Overview of Gogojili Privacy Policy

Gogojili is one of the popular e-commerce websites in the Philippines, providing diverse products and services from fashion, and cosmetics to electronic devices. With the development of technology, personal information security has become an important and top-priority issue. Therefore, Gogojili has a clear and transparent privacy policy to protect the rights of users. In this article, we will learn about Gogojili’s privacy policy and your rights regarding personal data.
Gogojili’s privacy policy is built based on current legal regulations in the Philippines and international standards on personal information security. This ensures that the collection, use, and security of users’ personal information on Gogojili is carried out legally and transparently.
Gogojili is committed to protecting users’ personal information according to the following principles:
✅ Transparency: Gogojili will publicly disclose its privacy policy and clearly explain the collection and use of users’ personal information.
✅ Clear purpose: Gogojili only collects personal information when there is a specific purpose related to the business operations of the website.
✅ Collection restrictions: Gogojili only collects information that is necessary and reasonable to meet the stated purpose.
✅ Security: Gogojili uses technical and organizational security measures to protect users’ personal information from unauthorized access, modification or disclosure to third parties.
✅ Do not share: Gogojili commits not to share users’ personal information with any third party unless with the user’s consent or as required by law.

What personal information does Gogo jili collect?

Gogo jili only collects personal information when users register for an account or make transactions on the website. This personal information includes:
📩 Email address: to contact and send notifications about account activities.
☎️  Phone number: to assist in account verification and contact in case of need.
💳 Payment information: to process payments for purchases made on the website.
In addition, Gogo jili may also collect other information such as IP address, browser type, operating system and other information related to website use. However, this information is not used to identify users personally but only to improve the experience of using the website.

Secure your data at Gogo jili

Gogo jili is committed to protecting users’ data according to the following technical and organizational measures:
🔏 Encryption: Gogo jili uses encryption technology to protect users’ personal information when transmitted from the browser to the server.
🛡️ Firewall: Gogo jili uses a firewall to prevent outside attacks and protect users’ data.
🔑 Access control: Gogo jili limits access to personal data to only those employees who need to perform work related to data processing and security.
💾 Data backup: Gogo jili regularly backs up data to ensure safety and restore data in case of problems.
However, no system is completely secure and Gogo jili cannot guarantee 100% data security. Therefore, users should also protect their personal information by using complex passwords and not sharing account information with anyone.

Comply with legal regulations

Gogojili is committed to complying with current laws in the Philippines regarding personal information security. In case of request from authorities, Gogojili will provide users’ personal information as required by law.
In addition, Gogojili will also cooperate with authorities in investigating and handling illegal activities related to the use of the website.


Gogojili’s privacy policy was developed to protect users’ personal information and comply with current legal regulations in the Philippines. Gogojili is committed to protecting users’ personal information according to the principles of transparency, clear purpose and safety. Users also have the right to request access, modification or deletion of their personal information and Gogojili will process it as soon as possible.
Personal information security is an important issue and we should always protect our information when using e-commerce websites. Just pay attention and follow the basic principles, we can feel secure when using the services of Gogojili and other websites.